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2. ELV, AV & Access Control

2. ELV, AV & Access Control

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The ELV system brings together the benefits of Lighting, Temperature Control, Sound diffusion, Security and Intercom in a single integrated system with controls on touch screens or from a remote location. It can further integrate different applications – such as comfort, safety, energy saving functions, door entry systems, and management of multimedia contents, remote supervision and control – offering fully networked solutions. From automation of a single function, via different independent functions through to completely networked integrated solutions, the system is composed of actuators and control devices with complex settings involving lighting, music, video, window treatments and temperature activated with a single touch.

Audio Visual

Audio Visual systems are another growth area in Hospitality, Entertainment, Corporate and Government sectors due to the need for in–room entertainment systems, conference facilities for screens and projection facilities, background music and intelligent lighting. Unlike traditional Hi End Audio/Video available in stores, our approach is to address and identify the solutions that meet the discerning selection criteria. Amplifiers, preamplifiers and speakers are not the same, and their sonic signatures do make a difference. We assimilate the system with functional automation, and our services include A/V room design, system selection and commissioning.

Video conferencing is no longer viewed as a high-end, executive-only luxury. Business professionals across all verticals are realizing that video conferencing generates cost savings, increased productivity and enhanced communications effectiveness. Video conferencing systems come in a variety of form factors that can be integrated into new and /or existing audio visual systems.

Access Control

Physical security or access is the next imperative in the ICT arena, where access to secure rooms and locations, CCTV based surveillance, recording, reporting and archiving of any movement combined human element and integrated technology encompass complete security solution. Seven Seas provide solutions based on access control devices and mechanisms combined with smart and intelligent CCTV cameras, streaming video recording and control rooms to client representing from corporates, healthcare, hospitality, governments, banking, education, free zones, logistics, places of worship and crime control.

Seven Seas provide site surveys, design, implementation, documentation and maintenance services to the deployed solutions in the entire above portfolio.