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Access Control System

Businesses today have the unprecedented challenge of protecting their property and people without becoming obtrusive and uninviting to the guests. Furthermore, organizations are faced with theft and unforeseeable emergency situations. Managed Access Control enables the management of multiple facilities, locations, doors and entry permissions for many people via the internet remotely from anywhere at any time. We provide Access Control Systems with a complete range of reader technologies to suit a wide and varied range of applications. These include Magnetic Stripe, Barcodes, Proximity and both contact and contactless Smart Cards.

Our extensive knowledge of security devices has given us the expertise to evaluate the requirement and provide the right combination of security solutions. The design involves considering the ease of use for the operators at the same time collecting extensive data from the system enabling analysis at any given point of time. The suggested model would provide a comprehensive solution that would enable the operator to cover all the surveillance and access control aspects of the facility.